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Brick Rub (RED HANDLE)

Brick Rub (RED HANDLE)

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Got a special spot in mind, been eyeing that perfect ledge or curb by your house. Well we got you covered. Our 6in. x 3in. x 1in.  20-Grit brick covers approximately 100 linear feet. Rubbing Brick with attached handle is ideal for removing form marks from concrete. Also used for smoothing and dressing down asphalt and wet tile.

Go make a spot with Brick Rub.

  • 20-Grit fluted silicon carbide stone
  • Attached handle
  • Ideal for dressing down and removing form marks from concrete
  • Use to smoothing and dress down wet tile
  • Extra 6x3x1 Rub Brick
  • Covers approximately 100 linear feet.
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